What is U-Co?

U-Co is the new innovative lifestyle where you live on the go. Our spaces create the opportunity to explore, meet new people, and live to the fullest.

We believe this is the new 9-5, a modern day interpretation of work-life balance. No cubicle will satisfy our needs, and we’ve got to open the doors to freedom and live life the way it was meant to be lived today. Not when we retire.

Woman smiling in front of an art wall

Our Mission

To unlock freedom through conscious community development.


We’ll provide you with shared housing for your soft landing in a new city. Forget about furniture, we’ll give you everything you need to feel at home with the flexibility you deserve.

Young people working at the coworking space of U-Co


As nomads, we feel the need to socialize with like-minded individuals. We’ll provide you with a desk to work and reliable high-speed internet surrounded by people like you.


More than just a group of people coming together for a couple of days, we are a family. We’ll help you connect with our #ucofam, so you can network and enjoy the city together.


We know the importance of getting out of your comfort zone to learn more about the world. Our curated activities will help you get yourself acquainted with the locals and its culture around.


Super Fast Internet


Cleaning Included


No Contracts

Flexible Stays

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