Coliving in Mexico: Your Up-to-date Guide for 2020

Welcome to a new guide from U-Co where we show you all you need to know about the state of coliving in Mexico.

If you love coliving spaces (like ours!) and would like to know if there are more places like these in the sunny country, then this is what you need to read.

Guys working at a coliving in Mexico

The guide covers:

  • Why coliving in Mexico is great
  • Big cities vs small towns in Mexico
  • List of coliving spaces in Mexico

Are you ready? We’re ready, let’s get into it!

Why coliving in Mexico is great

If you’re thinking about renting a coliving space in Mexico is because you’re planning TO LIVE in Mexico, right?

Well, this is for the ones who still have their doubts on it. (Though we don’t understand why!)

Typical Mexican life in a town

I mean, it’s difficult to understand why someone wouldn’t want to live in a place full of friendly people, delicious food, great weather and magnificent landscapes.

But I guess you already know these things. Perhaps you’re someone deep into tech that wishes to know if Mexico is a great place to do business or launch a career.

The answer is yes. Stanford says so.

Why? Well, the country has a BIG population (+120 million) and there are a lot of problems = opportunities. This is the reason why many entrepreneurs are flocking in and thus, it has grown into a larger market.

Are you into Bitcoin? Architecture? Startups? YouTube? There’s a market for you here (and in the rest of LATAM as well!)

And it’s not just that, but the communities that you can find in the largest cities are also something to respect.

There is an event for you every weekend (once quarantine is over!).

Young people working and playing at a coliving space in Mexico

That’s the best part of coliving in Mexico (and something we have discussed before).

You get a soft landing as a local while meeting people in your own circle of interest.

Oh, and you know what else?

Mexico is VERY affordable. Especially if you’re coming from the USA, Canada or Europe.

A 4-dish lunch in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Mexico City costs you $3 to $5.

A picture of Mexican traditional food.

Public transport in Guadalajara costs $0.50.

1 night at a 4-star hotel in Cancun might cost you less than $30.

If you’re single and like to save, you could live in any Mexican city for less than $300 per month. Accommodation included. I’ve done it before.

And yes, we know. Mexico might not be the safest country in the world, but honestly, it’s not that bad. It’s all about taking proper cautions. The same that you take when you walk through a dark alley.

So what are you waiting for to come live here?

Big cities vs small towns in Mexico

Coliving in Mexico is a whole different experience than doing it in any other place in the world.

But even within the country, living in a big city is a WHOLE different beast than doing it in a small town. Seriously.

Aerial view of a beautiful Mexican town.

The best part of this? Both choices have inherent benefits. Especially in a megadiverse country like ours. So it’s up to you to decide what you want to get from it.

Living in a big city brings in the obvious. Connectivity. Places to go. Luxury. Entertainment.

So it’s a good option when you’re launching a career or expanding your network.

Do you prefer to live the traditional way? You will definitely get that vibe in a small town. And there are plenty to choose from!

Whether you like beaches, mountains, forests, folklore, deserts, pyramids, adventure, calm… you will find your small town to live in Mexico.

But you might not get the level of networking that you get from a large city like Mexico City, Monterrey or Guadalajara. The most important hubs of creativity in the country.

Aerial view of Mexican modern skyline.

As a side note, you might not find a coliving space outside of these cities, as this is a fairly new concept in the country itself.

The only thing that we can say as a conclusion for this, is that no matter your choice, you will have a blast anywhere!

List of coliving spaces in Mexico

Finally! You’ve hopefully decided to live in Mexico and you know where. What now?

If you’re reading this guide, it’s because you know the advantages of coliving spaces. So it’s up to us now to bring you an up-to-date list of the available spaces in the country.

And even though we’ve tried to make this as detailed as possible, there might be some spaces that we forgot to add.

So please, if you know about one, send us an email.

Coliving spaces in Mexico

U-CoMexico City1
CoviveMexico City5
ColiversMexico City6
El Depa de JuanaMexico City1
LivitMexico City3
NiuMexico City1
Wellcome RoomsMexico City1
Kahtal ColivingCancun1
DICICabo San Lucas1
SC CoworkPlaya del Carmen1
CoworksurfPuerto Escondido1
Eazy LivingTijuana2
Outsite TulumTulum1

As we previously mentioned, almost half of the coliving spaces offered are concentrated in Mexico City. Though there are some great spots to explore on the beaches.

At the end it all depends on what you’re looking for.

Big cities or small towns? Professional or pleasure trip?

Pick your side and get to know this beautiful country!

Did we cover everything you need to know about coliving in Mexico on this guide?

Let us know by leaving a comment below right now! ?